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My Journey

Hi there!

My name is Karlijn; I am 27 years old, and we live in beautiful sunny Costa Rica.

I was a professional athlete in a previous life until my body said STOP and forced me to choose another direction. 

I was disconnected from my female body, period, and health for such a long time. 


Especially after being pregnant and giving birth to our son Flynn, I realize how important our female body and its functions are to our health, our planet, and our children.

And now... I am here FOR YOU!

Start Your Ayurvedic Healing Journey

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Plenty of free resources:

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Quick Fix

Where do you start in these busy times..?

Quick fixes are normally not part of Ayurveda. But having backups in our modern life can be very useful.

Start implementing an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle and see your body and mind become healthier.


In depth change

Discover the root cause and truly heal your pain, discomfort, or illness from the inside out.

If this is what you are looking for, then we offer the following:

* Personal 1 on 1sessions

* Period "reset" Course

* Ayurvedic cooking workshop
* Women's Circle

What's New?

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Cooking Workshop

Easy to follow pre-recorded video where I take you to my favorite farmers market and into my private kitchen.

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