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and Empower 

your Female Body


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I support women by kickstarting their self-healing mechanism.


So they can live in optimal health without pain and discomfort. Rekindle your internal flame so you can become full of pure energy.

Find the best nutrition for your body and mind and calm your nervous system through daily

Ayurvedic Practices.

Start Your Ayurvedic Healing Journey

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Free E-books

Plenty of free e-books that will support and guide you on your healing journey. With many different topics from menstrual health to cooking and everything in between. Easily read at your own time and pace.

Quick Tips

Where do you start in these busy times..?

Quick tips can be very handy when you have trouble finding time to schedule more in-depth time. Here you will find short courses, e-books, tips, and tricks that will support your healing journey.

Discover the root cause and truly heal your pain, discomfort, or illness from the inside out.

During a personal session with Karlijn, you will start taking control of your health. And learn what your constitution truly needs. We will look at all parts of life. Diet, lifestyle, emotions, traumas. energy management, and much more.

What's New?

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Cooking Workshop

Easy to follow pre-recorded video where I take you to my favorite farmers market and into my private kitchen.

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What Clients Say


I found Karlijn’s page on Instagram at a time where I had a very long menstruation period. Karlijn responded to my request swiftly and booked me in for an appointment the next day, which was incredible!


I found Karlijn incredibly knowledgeable and excellent at communicating all her knowledge with me. The tips she gave me were very helpful, and although I was following another Ayurvedic Practitioner, I followed Karlijn’s advice which helped a lot. Although my issue was not instantly resolved, Karlijn’s advice was insightful and gave me tools that I will use for my whole life!


Ik ben in contact gekomen met Karlijn in verband met erge buikklachten bij m'n zoontje van toen ruim 6 maanden na het starten van bijvoeding.


Door mijn eigen voeding aan te passen (ivm borstvoeding) én adviezen voor Lou, zijn zijn klachten nu over. Hij poept iedere dag moeiteloos, geen buikkrampen meer, betere nachten en hij geniet nu van de rijstepap, die ik voor hem kook. En bovenal, het is weer een blije baby!

Ik ben Karlijn ontzettend dankbaar. Luisterend oor, makkelijk in contact en skype sessies heb ik als zeer fijn ervaren!

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Let's get in touch

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