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Appreciation based

What does this mean?

Working on an appreciation basis or sending me a gift of appreciation means that you give me whatever you feel something is worth and what you can afford at the present moment.

Whether it is an e-book, a personal 1:1 session, course, or a group session. You pay me what you can afford at that present moment and what you would like to gift me.

Why I work on an appreciation basis

I want to reach as many women as possible and share the knowledge that I have learned through Ayurveda and my many teachers. I am aware of the fact that not everyone and every country earns the same amount but I feel that everyone should get the opportunity to start their healing journey without being compromised by their financial situation.

This way it becomes more of an exchange system instead of a matter of trying to become wealthy through the work that I do. But as always with everyone else I do have to support my family as well that's why there are minimum donations with some of the work that I do. 

How do I choose an ammount?

For many this way of choosing what you want to pay for a service is new. I always recommend going with your gut feeling. What is the first number that comes to mind? Go with that one. And don't worry about what I will think about your payment I have received all kinds of payments from 0-100 and I am fine with all of them.

Sending a top up

Currently in financial rough waters? Don't worry if you can't quite pay the amount that you would like to. You can always send a top-up later when your financial situation is a bit more relaxed.

You can send a top up here

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